Monday, July 21, 2014

Stzelecki Desert Trip - Part 2. Broken Hill To The Flinders.

Today we are five (well six as Andrew puts it), as Lynn will be getting the Indian-Pacific train back home after completing her part of the journey. 
The convoy will now head for Wilpena Pound in the Flinders Rangers, finally getting to camp out after spending the first two nights in motels, which wasn't too hard to take. The plan is to spend three nights in the Flinders before heading off to the deserts.

Day 3, Tuesday 1st July. Broken Hill to Bald Hill camp, 336 km's (209 miles).

Matt & Myf, ...........
(Lynn's photo)

......  Andrew & Zane,  .......
(Lynn's photo)

....... and Hans Solo.
(Lynn's photo)

As I was away first, I took the opportunity to pause and take it all in, a few kilometers down the highway.

On the road to Yunta  (goods train).

Oultalpa could be aboriginal for 'hang out your washing'.

It was a long walk back to the laundry.

Concrete support for the previous rail bridge, the new bridge is at the back.
This was my morning tea stop.

His mates ran over the hill but he wanted to stay and fight the car.

First glimpse of the Flinders Ranges, but still a long way to go.

Somebody was kind enough to bring down Zane's car. (it was being flat-towed)

Mannamill Station and old loader.

Starting to take shape.

The cars were empty and there weren't many of them.

We turned right at Yunta after filling up with fuel.
Andrew passes me on the first bit of dirt........YAHOO, WE  ARE  OFF !!!!!!!

Main road (Yunta - Waukaringa Rd) from Yunta to the Flinders Ranges.

Better than the boring highway.

Waukaringa Ruins.
Waukaringa  township was abandoned in the 1950s

Waukaringa Hotel.

The Hotel was built in 1888.

Waukaringa Hotel, now.
Waukaringa Hotel, now................

.............and way back.
Photo is from the  hawkermotors Touring the Flinders Rangers web-site.


I last used this as a getaway car on a bank job.

Waukaringa Goldfields produced 1427 kg (3146 lbs) of gold  between 1873 and 1895. 


Boys will be boys.

Looking for bits for the VW.

"hello mum"

The smelter on the hill. Was it gold or copper?

Covered water storage. Still has water in it plus nesting feral pigeons.

View from the smelter.
The old hotel can be seen between the shadows in the distance.

Stone flue and chimney at the Waukaringa smelter.

Loo with a view.

Myf records the visit.

A track well traveled.

I just follow their dust.

We now get onto the minor roads.

Running out of daylight Matt picks our spot for the night behind some trees, out of sight of the road.

Soon we have a small fire going.

Zane make good use of my ironing-board table.

A nice end to the day.

And not too bad looking in the other direction either.

End Part 2.

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Camera:  Canon PowerShot SX10 IS

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