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Strzelecki Desert Trip - Part 11 (The Finish). Pine Creek (White Cliffs) to Home.

The dirt road (Wilcannia Wanaaring Rd) from the camp to Wilcannia was one of the better roads of the trip, but I could see why it was closed for 12 months. If you look at it on Google Earth you will see that it crosses 2 floodways plus, it also goes through a lake, so with any decent rain it would be impassable.
After the Strzelecki, when you reach Wilcannia it almost seem coastal and Sydney is just the road.
After reaching Mudgee I was to come home the next day (Monday) , but Matt phoned to say he would be there on the Wednesday so I decided to stay until Thursday so we could compare trips. Also Irwyn and Rosemary, who's house I was staying in, would be coming home on Tuesday and that was also another reason to stay.
 It rained at Mudgee while I was there so my timing for not being in the camper was perfect.   

Day 15, Sunday 13th July.   Pine Creek (White Cliffs) Camp to Cobar. 

365kms  (227 miles)

Beyond restoration, maybe?

The old car's fan club.

Brown Falcons.
They even waited there so I could reverse up and take their photo.

I have been asked if I got lonely driving around by myself. It would have been if it wasn't for people like that little fellow sitting on the on the rail to the right of the grid,...............

........he was one of the happiest blokes I have ever met. He offered to make me a cup of tea and then we sat and chatted for nearly 2 hours about how things were in the bush, state of origin footy and how we could create world, I was never lonely.
Mirriappa Creek Man.

Leopardwood Tree.
This is one of my favourite trees.

They start off as a tangled messy bush.............

............then one branch takes off to be the trunk.........

.......and becomes this lovely mottled barked tree, at rear. That's a young one in the foreground.

The bark.

Here is a stand of them, north west of Wilcannia.

Male (red) and female (grey) Red Kangaroos.

Must be getting close to the coast, here's a Grey Kangaroo.

Daisies by the side of the road.

Central Darling Council Chambers, Wilcannia.

Goats, goats and more goats, approaching Cobar.

Must be in Cobar.

No dust, a motel, a shower and a Chinese meal, I must be getting soft.

Day 16, Monday 14th July.  Cobar to Mudgee (and then home).

Miner's Monument at dawn, Cobar.

Old header at the Miner's Monument.

Heading east.

Australian Pelican Synchronized Swimming Team, Nyngan,

Pelicans at Nyngan.
Now you see them ...........

............ now you don't.

Would have been a painful death for this poor cormorant.

Hop between the signs.
If it was on the other side of the sign it may not have got hit.

Two big pubs in one small town.
Trangie Hotel (left) and the  Imperial Hotel, Trangie.

Two Billies.

Looking like Mudgee country.

Nearing Gulgong.

I was even able to back the trailer down into the car-port.
My next 3 nights accommodation at Mudgee.

Wednesday 16th July.   Mudgee to Home,  244 kms (152 miles).

And that's it. I have a tub of food, including nearly 20 cans of corn (kernels and creamed) so I'm just about ready to go somewhere else.


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Camera:  Canon PowerShot SX10 IS

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