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Strzelecki Desert Trip - Part 7. Dig Tree to Fort Grey.

I've now reached the turn-around point of the trip and now for the journey back home.
The plan is to return back to Innamincka then back down the Strzelecki and turning off about 60 km's south of Moomba where the 'track' splits and head for Cameron Corner. From there it will be Fort Grey, Tibooburra, Milparinka, White Cliffs, Wilcannia, Cobar, Nyngan, Dubbo and Mudgee.

Day 11, Wednesday 9th July.  Dig Tree to Sandhills camp via Merty Merty. 

257 km's (160 miles)

Sunrise on the Cooper Creek.

Sunrise .

All strapped in for the journey home.
One last look, trying to imagine.

Joining the convoy back to the main road.

A choice of three lines to take, left, middle or right. 

Back into South Australia.............
'Welcome to
South Australia'

....... and back on the track.

Farewell Innamincka.

The wind whips up dust on the journey south.

The road now goes over the sand dunes....and on and on.
Have now left the main 'track' and heading for Merty Merty.

I was hoping to get to Fort Grey but I was running out of daylight, so I camped in behind a sandhill trying to get out of the wind..

The setting sun lit up the red sandhills.

It might look hot but the breeze was cold.

Just Red and Grey.

Who needs a fire when you have this.
Or this.

'Sunset With Flash'

What happen when you have a party and no-one tuns up.
(one person did turn up for a while and I think they put something in my drink)

Watching the sun come up.

This is why they call it the 'red' centre.

Playing With Light.

The 'long legged' people of sandhill country.

Billy long-legs.

Day 12, Thursday 10th July.  Merty Merty (Sandhill) Camp to Fort Grey.

 127 kms  (79 miles)

The conditions made driving and  looking at the scenery interesting.

Only saw 8 cars over the 2 days driving on this road. Not much chance of getting pinged by a speed camera.

My plants at home are wilting and these haven't seen rain since they were seeds.

It pays to take notice of the red flags.

How can soft sand give such a harsh ride.

Sculpture in the desert.
I cam across a number of these 'upside-down growing' shrubs. 

A road less traveled. 

What do cattle do with their free time?

I came all this way for a swim and it isn't allowed.

I was dark driving through the barrel.

This mud-bath did nothing for her complexion.

Did it die before or after being dragged out?
I saw another  cow/beast/bovine/head-of-cattle that was limping around,with a possible broken leg,
after apparently being hit by a car. Maybe this animal was involved in a similar incident.

The 'corner store' at Cameron Corner.

Love, Fenn and Cheryl

Stuck on the door to the store. (I think I heard that his name was also Bill).

A Corner with No Colour.

Standing in NSW, or was Queensland, with my fingers in 3 states.

Can you spot the differences? That's right, my left arm has grown back and I'm carrying a rifle.
No, I wasn't  that much taller in 1993, its just that the dirt has blown away and the 'corner post' is now more out of the ground. Different 'glasses' around my neck but could be the same hat.

A wind-blown Red-capped Robin on the corner dingo fence.

Not much chance of Woolworths coming to Cameron Corner.

Three time zones at once.

The dead tree was held up by a post. I can't remember if it was alive in 1993.

I don't recall seeing a dog there, maybe it was at the dentist.
If you are caught throwing or
 kicking anything for the dog we
expect a $20 donation to the
 RFDS!! (Royal Flying Doctor Service)..
This is in the interest of our customers trying
 to play golf and the dog's teeth.'

Dingo fence at Cameron Corner.

Dingo fence gate on main road from Cameron Corner.
'This gate should be closed at all times
If found open, please close'

It would be nice to get to 60 km/h.
Tourist drive developed by National Parks and Wildlife Service
Speed limit
60 km/h next 22 km

Roads open, so Tibooburra here we come.
 Tibooburra Rd   : Open

Shade not required in the winter sun. Female Red Kangaroo and youngster.

Something to cheer one up.

End of Part 7

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Camera:  Canon PowerShot SX10 IS

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